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About Mark Palmero L’Boe...

Mark Palmero L’Boe is a high-energy idea person and entrepreneur. Since 1970, his experience ranges from automotive to real estate and from manufacturing to mail order sales. Web-based, work-from-home dotcom businesses, too. He’s always looking for opportunities and tends to be the innovator with a new idea. He spots new trends quickly and searches out concepts that he can borrow from one field to apply in another.

From Earliest Beginnings
According to Mark, his first business venture occurred at age 12. It was a lawn mowing company, shrub trimming, garage cleaning and painting service. Successful? He earned $8.00 to $10.00 per hour at a time when the minimum wage was $1.60.

Throughout the years, Mark has created, launched, and managed many small businesses including a VW engine rebuilding business that ultimately grew into a national retail mail order business of automotive parts and accessories company.

Since 1986, Mark has been involved in several facets of the real estate business. As a licensed Realtor®, Mark proved that the impossible could be done. While running a small one-man real estate shop (Realty-24, Incorporated), he set out with a bold goal: to become the most productive independent real estate broker in the St. Louis area.

In one year when the average full-time Realtor sold 10 homes a year, Mark sold 126 homes. Keep in mind that this wasn’t his company’s total productivity. This was his personal listing and sales activities! 

In addition to Realty-24, now named Realty 24 & Associates  Network, Mark is actively involved in other businesses, but with one thing in common — that is they all revolve around real estate in some fashion.

According to Mark, “my involvement in custom homebuilding, land acquisition,  green building technologies, and business brokerage is a natural and logical outgrowth of my real estate business”. 

A Hobby, Too!
Today, as a hobby, Mark thinks of ideas for businesses that could be or should be launched. “Some may be better than others,” Mark says. “But they all have merits as the basis for a marketing-driven opportunity.

In his spare time he acquires the domain names that would be appropriate for that type of business (Market Ready Domains). He says, “We live in a highly competitive world where the Internet is fundamentally important to every business.  One by one he intends to find like-minded entrepreneurs to help him co-develop those projects or to buy them outright (See sidebar).
Hi, my name is
Mark Palmero L'Boe,
President and CIO,
that's Chief "Idea" Officer
of L'Boe Companies.

I'm a creative entrepreneur who
would rather brainstorm a new business idea than watch TV at night. My hobby is "domain name collecting" and you can learn more at my website

Richard J. Sacks, a long-time friend of mine and brilliant business consultant, writes on his website:

"No Small Business Ever Failed
Because It Ran Out Of  Money...

Small Businesses Fail
Because They Run Out Of Time..."

You can visit his website to read the rest of his words of wisdom on this thought-provoking idea.

When I see this message, I see another meaning -- one that leads me to this conclusion:

Even if I had ten lifetimes, I wouldn't have the time to launch every business idea that's in my head, even though I'd like to.  So, for me, the next best thing... the way to maximize my time... is to help others launch businesses. 

If you have talent… skills… ambition… personal goals… and think you have what it takes to run a business, I am looking for talented, energetic, highly motivated people who seek a full-time or part-time business to employ or form a joint-venture business partnership.

Send me an email. Tell me about your background and interests… and what you’d really like to do.

If you know you’d ultimately like to be on your own… but don’t have a clear direction… I can still help. By telling me about you and your interests we’ll determine if there’s a fit with one of the “concept companies” I’ve been thinking about.

Strategy Matters and Passion Rules!

Mark Palmero L’Boe
L’Boe Companies
1-866-321-LBOE or (314) 414-1111 or email.
"Entrepreneurship is doing for a few years of your life what most people won’t, so that you can do for the rest of your life what most people can’t."